Art Demo at New Seasons Thursday Sept. 5th

The show’s up at New Seasons, Progress Ridge–the first three entries in the HeartSign Series, including two brand new pieces, along with fifteen from the Journey Series.

And tomorrow evening from 5-8 PM, I’ll be doing a painting demo during the store’s 2nd anniversary celebration party.  Drop by!


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r.b.richter Paintings–September Show In Beaverton

New Seasons and New Artist in Beaverton

This September, it’s not just quality food at New Seasons, Progress Ridge:  they’re also showing imaginative and colorful…art!

Showcasing his imaginative, colorful, strongly graphic and, a little bit surreal, way of looking at the world, emerging Beaverton artist, r.b.richter, will be displaying a selection of original painting work at New Seasons, Progress Ridge.

While just entering the professional art world, Robert’s vibrant work has actually been developing for over a quarter century.  And, it’s not cookie-cutter product.  While he greatly admires artists who successfully work a theme repeatedly, creating many visually similar pieces (he loves Rothko’s work, for example), he hasn’t yet found himself able to do that:

“Our human experience of life is just too rich and complex.  While I would dearly love to take that route to facilitate “knocking out” a lot of work, thus far, I just can’t.  The work won’t let me.  In fact, sometimes a piece even demands it’s own path, forcing me to abandon my original idea and plan and just follow along.  I do love it when a painting goes swimmingly, but much–perhaps most–of the time, creating a piece is a process of both struggle and discovery.”

And that process in both the work, and in simply living life has, in fact, given birth to his primary, ongoing series, Journey:  small acrylic paintings on wood, preferably used (ie:  with a little of its own life-history).  And, he’s very aware that, at 10 x 8 inches, they’re, about the size of a human face or head–in a way, they’re evocative depictions of what might be inside that head.  And those images run from fantasy to landscape, from architect to figure, with moods as varied as life.

You will see a selection from Journey, as well as additional works at the New Seasons show, from September 3rd to October 2nd.  And, you can meet the artist during their First Thursday event on September 5th.  As the store is celebrating their 2nd anniversary, it’s going to be a party!  Live band, even!

New Seasons Market, Progress Ridge, 14805 SW Barrows Road, Ste. 103, Beaverton, OR 97007 – 503-597-6777

Show runs from Sept. 3 to Oct 2, 2013,   First Thursday is Sept. 5, 2013, 5-8 PM

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Photographs Sold During Debut

Though I don’t have any photographs on the walls at the Tiger Lily show, I brought a selection for display and perusal to yesterday’s event.  A debut, as it’s the first time I’ve displayed a group of shots–important, as you have hopefully gathered by now:  my interests and subject matter (and even styles) are very “catholic”–ie:  varied.  One isolated shot doesn’t really illustrate my work as a whole.

Comments were gratifyingly complimentary, and sure enough, some of them sold right off the bat!  Yay!  Two are shown here.

Encouraging, as I’ve been considering doing photography shows for a while now–trying to think how I want to approach them–what kinds of groupings/selections/series, mostly.  Too many ideas seems to be the problem!  Though, I brought a wide variety this time–something of a market test–for formal exhibitons, I’ll probably focus on narrow themes.  Would you believe I can put together a show of arrows on pavement?  And that they might look different than you would expect?

Beyond simply the desire to share with others, given the amount of time and work I put into shooting and editing–which, though a painter, I’ve done for decades now–it would be great to see this aspect of my work actively contributing to my career in a more than behind-the-scenes way.

So, the sales yesterday, and the commentary, are enourmously encouraging!

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r.b.richter Talks Art + Marriage Equality

Learn about the “how” of art from one artist’s perspective while helping repeal Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage…

On Sunday, July 28th, from 5-7 PM, I’ll be at Tiger Lily Restaurant & Bar giving a brief presentation and doing a Q & A about the creation and evolution of my work.  With 50 works on display, covering nearly 3 decades, I’ve got plenty of examples to work with!

But that’s not all that’s happening!  I’m raising funds (and awareness) for the repeal of Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage in 2014– I’ll be donating 5% of the proceeds from any of my artwork sales during the event to Oregon United for Marriage.  And, hopefully, depending on a current court challenge, I’ll also have petitions* on hand for Oregonians to sign as well. so Washingtonians:  drag your Oregonian friends across the river!  Have a cocktail together!

Beyond the actual harm inflicted by this most un-American law, based on ignorance and bigotry, it’s also just plain embarrassing!  Oregon’s supposed to be the progressive state here on the west coast, and yet Washington beat us to this one!  And though California’s had a rough slog, they’re ahead, too!  Help fix this sorry state of affairs and make a bit of history (again):  Oregon was the first place same-sex marriage licenses were issued–and revoked–and can be the first state to repeal its consitutional ban on marriage equality!

Help me make an “honest man” of my long-time “fiancè” one day!

And, while we’re at it, I hope you’ll find what I do as an artist, and how I’ve developed, interesting and informative as well.

And, lest I forget:  I’ve sampled Tiger Lily’s food a couple times now, and it’s good stuff.  Have dinner afterwards!

Sunday, July 28th, 5-7 PM

Tiger Lily Restaurant & Bar

1109 Washington St. (at the corner of West 12th St, downtown), Vancouver, WA 98660


*And, in case I don’t, you can join Oregon United for Marriage’s Rapid Response Team to get petitions yourself as soon as they’re available.




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An Artist’s Progress and a Nation’s Progress–An Event

From the past, to the present, and on to the future…  Two events in one highlight dramatic progress–in the growth of an individual artist, and in our national march to equality.

During July’s Last Sunday, an event at Tiger Lily in Vancouver, their currently showing artist, r.b.richter, with 50 paintings and drawings on display, covering a quarter century of work, will be presenting both a short talk about how he goes about creating a piece, and how the work has developed over the years.

And additionally, he’s offering you an opportunity to help move our nation forward and help Oregon catch up with it’s suddenly more progressive neighbors to the north and south.

First, he will be donating five percent of his proceeds from any artwork sold during this event to Oregon United for Marriage, and second, he is planning on having petitions on hand for you to sign to repeal Oregon’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.  Oregonian’s, get your asses over the river, and Washingtonian’s, here’s an opportunity to get your beaver state friends to your home ground!

“Let’s make the West Coast a solid block of respect, support and safety for all committed couples and their families!”

And, while you’re at it, you can learn a little about the life-work of one who hopes to one day make his partner more than just his long-time fiancé!

We hope to see you there.


r.b.richter showing now through the end of July at:

 Tiger Lily Restaurant & Bar

1109 Washington St. (at the corner of W. 12th St.), Vancouver, WA 98660


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r.b.richter Now Showing In Vancouver, Washington Through June

Over the hills and across the rivers to an excellent new venue:  Tiger Lilly Restaurant and Bar in downtown Vancouver, Washington.

It’s a big place, so I’ve put up a lot of work–nearly 40 works at a variety of prices, including paintings, drawings and lithograph.  And, I can recommend both the food and the very friendly staff.  A comfortable place, roomy enough for easy viewing and, they do weekly events, too!

A date for an artist meet & greet will be posted shortly–probably the last Sunday in June–but feel encouraged to stop by and take a look now!  And Vancouver’s First Friday Artwalk is happening June 7th from 5-9pm.

You can also visit them on Facebook

1109 Washington St
Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 828-1245

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R.B.Richter Showing Broad Range of Paintings In SE Portland Through May

Peiper Cafe

6504 SE Foster Rd. (at SE 65th), Portland, OR 97206
Mon-Fri:  7am-4pm, Sat & Sun:  8am-4pm

Through May

While this is an informal venue, the owner, Kelsey, is a great art enthusiast, and it offers plenty of wall-space.  And I’ve used that space to display a broad range of work illustrating my development over time, and my approach to individual pieces.  You’ll find expressionist portrait and figural work (one never before shown!), as well as often iconicly oriented “places”–all suffused with a sense of surrealism.

And…I can vouch for the food:  excellent.  Really friendly staff, as well!

If you want to see more in the neighborhood, check out the Foster Art Night on the third Saturday (May 18th this month).

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Charity Art Sale Show Opens May 2nd!

Can you spare $40?

Scandals “little art/BIG CAUSE” gives you an opportunity to add original artwork to you walls at a bargain price–and a portion of each sale goes to the Cascade AIDS Project.

AND, it’s your chance to own something by me at a super-bargain price!  I’ve contributed 4 pieces created especially for this event!  But–it’s first come, first serve, so get there early on Thursday!

Scandals (map):  Downtown Portland, SW Stark and SW 12th.

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New Show at Scandals Through April

Perhaps you’re not familiar with Scandals bar in Portland…  Did you know this attractive watering spot (right next to the Roxy)  mounts major art shows every month?

They do, and through the month of April 2013, I’m their featured artist.  We’re showing a large selection of paintings, which include:

  • A number of pieces from my Journey series–colorful and, variously surreal “snapshots” of my experience of this journey we call life;
  • The whole Faces of Kerry series (less the one in a collector’s hands), chronicling our experience of my beloved’s descent into AIDS during the early years of the epidemic;
  • The first of both my Waterways series–a more focussed look at one of my favorite symbolic subjects–and HeartSign series–an exploration of…the heart…utilizing the icon of a heart-shaped billboard structure;
  • And a variety of older, more expressionist and figurative work.

Scandals, starting April 4th and running through the month

 1125 SW Stark St  Portland, OR 97205
(503) 227-5887

Need I mention they do Happy Hour?  And…street parking is free after 7pm.

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r.b.richter Art Opening at Mingo West in Beaverton

Come join me at Mingo West Restaurant on Sunday, February 10th, 4-6 PM, 12600 SW Crescent St., Beaverton, OR 97005, 503-646-6464 

To find Mingo:  it’s just off SW Hall Blvd. at the Beaverton “Round” where SW Hall and SW Watson split (map).  Plenty of parking, but read the signs!  And…it’s right at the Central Beaverton MAX station, if you want to train in!

This, my third local show, is a significant one for me as I’m showing over two dozen pieces, inlcuding both some of my newest and a large selection from my core Journey series.  We’ve focussed this show on what I think of as “place”–variously surreal landscapes.  You’ll find they illustrate my wide-ranging and imaginative visual response to journeying through the experiences and environments of life.

As for Mingo, it’s one of our nicest local restaurants–beautiful ambience and a brand new “simple Italian food” menu that doesn’t skimp on culinary quality.

The Mingo show runs through February.  And for a look at some older, expressionist pieces, the show at Silhouette also runs through February.

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